Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business?


Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business?

Around 80% of Australians use social media to connect with their friends and find more information about the latest products and services. Consequently, social media is the perfect place to enhance brand awareness and generate leads. These benefits can be more pronounced for your business if you use a local marketing firm, such as Campaigns You Love.

Since there are several social media sites, you need to use the one that is right for your business. Here are the most recommended social media sites for businesses.

Facebook Marketing Brisbane

More than 9 million Australians spend an average of 1.7 hours on Facebook every day. Facebook is ideal for all types of businesses because it allows them to list their basic contact information, such as support-line email and storefront address. It’s also the perfect place to update followers on new discounts, products, and services.

Your business can use Facebook to conduct market analysis. A deep Facebook analysis will reveal critical information about your competitors and who they are targeting. Also, by analysing the number of people who commented on your Facebook posts and then made a purchase, you will be able to create better social media marketing campaigns

There are several ways to promote your brand on Facebook, such as:

  • Instant experience ads — This is a full-screen ad primarily designed for mobile device viewing.
  • Messenger ads — Facebook allows you to place advertisements within the Messenger application.

The main disadvantages of advertising on Facebook are people posting hate comments and poor sales conversion.

Instagram Marketing Brisbane

Instagram offers multiple customer engagement options for businesses, such as reel ads, shopping ads, IGTV ads, Explore ads, carousel ads, and Instagram Stories. For instance, you can post marketing videos and photos on Instagram Stories. This enables you to reach people who may not read your regular Instagram posts.

Instagram is ideal for many industries, especially travel, beauty, and fashion brands. You can go live on Instagram to answer questions, showcase products, or run promotions. This is a good way to directly engage with your clients and receive instant feedback about your services and products. Also, you can upload the live stream as a post or share it to other social media channels.

The main disadvantage of using Instagram is that you can’t place clickable links within a post.

LinkedIn Advertising Brisbane

LinkedIn is a popular social media site for practically all industries. You can create sponsored content, conversation ads, message ads, carousel ads, or dynamic ads.

This social media site allows you to create a company profile and add your company logo and banner image. You can also use Showcase Pages to create targeted marketing campaigns for specific services and products.

You can create a LinkedIn group or join an existing one. This group will consist of people who are interested in your specific niche. This allows you to send personalised messages to members and develop important relationships with other businesses in your industry.

However, it is more expensive to advertise on LinkedIn than on other social media platforms.


Work With the Best

You will have more success with your social media marketing in Brisbane if you work with a local marketing firm. Campaigns You Love is a digital marketing company that can help you to generate leads on social media. Our services include social media management, social media strategy, and blog and content writing. Contact us to get started.


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