7 Common Website Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


7 Common Website Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

How often have you seen a website that looks great, but isn’t user friendly or even functional? If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a website, you probably won’t want to visit it again. 

Website design is crucial to the success of your business. Your site should be designed to provide value to visitors and encourage them to stay longer and engage with your brand. 

There are several common website design mistakes that can cause problems for your business. In this article, we will show you seven common website design mistakes and explain how you can avoid them.

Top mistakes in web design and development Brisbane you must avoid

1. Too much or too little going on

People visiting your site will be overwhelmed with just how much text and images are on display. In the same vein, websites with very little information create an unnecessary air of mystery, making people lose interest quickly.

How to avoid: Businesses should always make sure to provide relevant information as soon as possible. They should also be straightforward about who they are and what they do. A simple design is better than a complicated one.

2. Not optimised for mobile

Most people use smartphones to browse products and services. In fact, 85.2% of mobile users in Australia use mobile phones to browse and shop online. You are definitely lagging behind if your website is not mobile-friendly.

How to avoid: Make sure your website is designed to be responsive and able to scale well to a smaller screen size.

3. Lack of visual appeal

Incorrectly spacing your content will make your website look very clunky. Bad photography can also negatively impact the visual and emotional qualities of your website.

How to avoid: Incorporate a moderate use of white space on your website. Be intentional with the stock photos you are using. Better yet, hire a professional photographer for custom photography so it is easier to create the outcome you want.

4. Poor navigation

It is easy to turn your readers off when there is no clear visual hierarchy to your website, or when it takes forever for people to scroll and find what they are looking for. The lack of a search bar also makes it difficult for visitors to locate a specific piece of content,

How to avoid: Make sure that your navigation menu is easily accessible. You should also advocate for intuitive navigation, making for a smooth F-shaped reading pattern for your visitors. Make sure to add a search function on every page.

5. Slow to load

Users won’t be happy if they see a slow loading webpage. Hefty plugins, themes, or modules may slow down your website’s loading time.

How to avoid: Optimise your images and make sure your homepage doesn’t take too long to load. Update the elements on your site to newer versions to speed things up. Test thoroughly before updating your live website, just in case there are changes to how the plugins work with your site. Use images or other heavy media files sparingly.

6. Text/typography issues

Poor typeface and choice of fonts, especially when they do not fit the branding or industry may render your website looking less credible. 

How to avoid: Use 3-6 different font sizes, and make your main header the largest in font size. The body/paragraph text fonts constitute the meat of the content, so they should be easy to read. Avoid long line lengths. Do some industry-specific research to get insights on what fonts look good and make sense for the branding in question.

7. Lack of headings and subheadings

Without H1 tags and relevant subheadings, the crawlers will not be able to understand the subject matter and it will not let the search engines identify and index the content on the page

How to avoid: Proper placement of headings and subheadings helps in dividing the information into sections. This will make it easy both for search engines and human visitors to comprehend the content on your website.

Work with expert website design services Brisbane

The overall visual and usability of your website is essential to your success not just in search engine rankings but also in winning potential customers over. 

If you are guilty of any of the mistakes listed above, it is time to rethink your web design and its order of importance in your business.

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