6 Foolproof Tips to Improve Your PPC Campaigns


PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, whether on Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads), can help bring in new customers as well as encourage past buyers and visitors to return to you.

It might be time for you to reevaluate your PPC performance if your paid search campaigns have been ongoing for some time but are not getting the results you want.

If you are looking for actionable tips to improve your PPC campaigns now and boost your ROI, we have gathered some of our most tried-and-tested campaign improvement tips.

What does a great PPC campaign look like?

The key factor in a PPC campaign’s success is its profitability. A well-crafted campaign will:

  • bring in high-quality clicks
  • convert clicks to conversions
  • grow your business.

The success of your campaign highly depends on identifying when and how to optimise your current strategies and create new ones that are more targeted to your goals and objectives.

6 Tips To Boost Your Campaign Performance With PPC

To create and test different strategies and monitor performance in your PPC campaigns, you will need to invest a lot of time.

However, even the best laid out campaigns can be affected by sudden changes in the market, consumer behaviour and even updates in the ad platforms.

Nevertheless, we have narrowed down the foolproof PPC tips that we implement among all our clients to improve the performance of their campaigns despite any abrupt changes.

Clearly Define Your Goals

It is crucial to establish your goals early on. Everyone has different goals – yours could be to increase leads, increase revenue or raise brand awareness. Whatever they may be, establishing them before starting a PPC campaign is crucial, as every decision you make afterwards will always lead back to them.

Ensure that your goals are precise, measurable, attainable and realistic. Your KPIs, such as your CPA (cost-per-acquisition) or conversion rate will be used to determine the critical elements of the campaign, such as copy and ad spending.


Geo-targeting or local targeting (or local PPC) is a strategy to target a certain audience and create personalised campaigns that deliver your message based on your prospects’ geographic location.

Geo-targeting is a great way to optimise your performance because you can create ads that address specific location-specific factors, such as keywords or terms that are relevant to locals. This will appeal to your audience better and will encourage them to engage.

The more your ads attract your target audience, the higher your chances of improving click-through rates (CTR), and getting more qualified prospects.

Embrace Automation

Google Ads’ machine-learning algorithms are continually improving to fully automate advertisers’ manual work in ad copywriting, bidding, targeting, and other areas.

Google’s new Performance Max campaign type utilises machine learning to maximise performance across all Google networks, including YouTube and display, search and Gmail.

PMax campaigns can be a great way to improve how you strategise your campaigns. These are inherently driven by your brand’s unique goals and automation leverages data to create and distribute ads that make the most sense for those goals.

Don’t Overlook Ad Creatives

Your PPC campaign’s ad content can make or destroy it. When trying to improve your PPC campaign performance, a good place to start is to make sure that your ad copy focuses on:

  • Finding the root cause of your users’ problems
  • Using an emotion trigger (e.g. happiness, exclusivity, gratification)
  • Focusing on how your product benefits customers, not just its features
  • Conveying urgency
  • Articulating a powerful call to action (CTA)

Regularly reviewing your ad copy performance (along with its keywords) also contributes to a campaign’s success – you get to weed out which ads are not performing and determine which components to implement on your next ad strategy. Consistently refreshing your ad copy will ensure that your campaigns are relevant to your target audience.

Focus On Audience Segmentation

Clear segmentation of your audience by targeting the right group with the right product is key to improving the performance and effectiveness of a paid advertising campaign.

Audience segmentation enables you to drill down into your target audience and dramatically increase the chances that your potential customers will click on your ad.

Segmenting audiences can be done by identifying elements like demographics, behaviour and which part of the sales funnel they are on. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising provide lots of options to observe the engagement and behaviours of your audiences.

Utilise Remarketing

Remarketing is a successful way to place ads in front of users familiar with your website and app as it encourages audience recall. Ad and brand recall is getting harder and harder for businesses to achieve with online advertising and social media so “noisy” these days with so many players. Remarketing is one way to cut through the noise and get your message straight to people who have already engaged with you online but haven’t yet converted.

Remarketing helps to nurture the buyer’s journey by providing content that engages prospects and encourages them in reevaluating your offer and deciding if it is the right solution.

Merely retargeting with the same ad to achieve results is not the only path that your campaign can go. Providing value to your audience by showcasing case studies and product benefits and features help users gauge you as a trustworthy source, thus enticing them to engage with you.

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