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Social Media Advertising

Social media plays a significant role in marketing products and services. Nowadays, business owners rely on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to effectively market their products.

However, marketing on social media is not as easy as it looks. Sure, just about anyone can post on social media – but not everyone has the necessary skills and expertise to market their business effectively on social media. And that’s why you need a social media marketing agency in Brisbane.

It’s important to understand that social media growth takes time – you need to follow a comprehensive strategy to get reliable results. A paid social media marketing agency will start by assessing your current marketing reach and then formulating a strategy aimed at your target demographic. This strategy will be carefully implemented, then continuously monitored and adjusted to meet the needs of your business.

Why Choose Us for Social Media Marketing Agency in Brisbane?

When you choose Campaigns You Love, you’re selecting an established social media marketing agency in Brisbane with proven expertise. Our social media marketing team is composed of highly skilled writers, designers and content creators who have extensive experience working in the social media sphere. We don’t use shock tactics or notoriety to get people talking about your business – instead, we create content that is relevant, interesting, on topic and specifically targeted towards your ideal customer. In other words, the kind of content that people want to find online and the kind of content that people are more inclined to engage with.

Additionally, Campaigns You Love will continue to support and customise your social media campaigns on an ongoing basis. This means we’re ideally situated to adapt your social media content in line with the changing needs of your business and the evolving interests of your target audience.

The Benefits of Using Campaigns You Love as Your Social Media Marketing Agency in Brisbane

Build awareness for your brand

Social media advertising is a simple and cost-effective method for increasing brand awareness among your target audience. By sharing relevant and interesting content online, we can help your business demonstrate to potential customers that you can solve their problems. As a result, they’re more likely to recognise your brand in the future.

Target a specific audience

Social media platforms have a co-dependent relationship with advertisers. Because of this, social media platforms are willing to provide social media ad agencies with a range of services that allow them to target a specific audience for maximum effectiveness. We can utilise this information to create targeted and highly effective paid ad campaigns.

Increase business productivity

According to one recent survey, after following a business on social media, 89% of consumers eventually purchased a product or service from that business and 85% recommended the brand to someone else. In a 2015 study, 61% of businesses reported positive revenue growth after becoming active on social media.

Unbeatable return on investment (ROI)

Not only is social media advertising effective, but it’s also very affordable, even for small businesses. While pricing will vary across industries, the average cost per click for a Google AdWords campaign is just $2.32, while a Boost Post on Facebook (designed to target a specific audience) can cost just $0.12 per click. We can easily adjust your paid ad campaigns to increase or decrease marketing spend in line with your business objectives.

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Services Campaigns You Love Provide for Social Media Marketing in Brisbane

Custom content

When it comes to social media marketing in Brisbane, it’s not enough to create content that is related to your products or services…you also need to understand the social media advertising market. This includes familiarity with industry terminology, the ability to analyse your competitor’s online performance, a strategy development plan and the capacity to research the hashtags used. Campaigns You Love can fully utilise all of these tools for your benefit, creating customised content that is on point.

Paid social advertising

Paid social advertising (paying for social media posts to advertise your products and services) plays a vital role in reaching the right people and standing out from your day-to-day content. The social media content team at Campaigns You Love can create organic posts that will increase your brand presence online.

Community management

After you’ve created unique content, the next step is to monitor what online users say about your brand. The team at Campaigns You Love will assist you in gauging the response of your target audience. Remember, interacting with your customers in real-time is very important and you can do this by reviewing, reacting and responding to messages from your customers.

Media relations and monitoring

Since we have been in social media marketing for a long time, we understand the relationship between public relations and social media marketing. So, when you entrust us with your business, we will ensure your business stays relevant – not only on social media but also in upcoming events, press releases and big announcements. We know what we’re doing and we understand what your business wants.

Our Latest Social Media Marketing Results

Campaigns You Love first began working with North Brisbane Home Loans in early 2019, providing a range of services including paid Google AdWords campaigns and content for social media posts. In the space of just three months, North Brisbane Home Loans registered a 6709% increase in Google rankings across all of the keywords that we had been targeting on their behalf. They also reached over 64,390 people through social media channels and booked 57 confirmed appointments as a direct result.

Pat Cranshaw, the CEO at North Brisbane Home Loans, confirmed that the investment in social media marketing has definitely been worth it. “The way I see it is that 70 to 80% of people’s eyes are on their phones or PCs, so if you’re not there you’re nowhere,” says Pat. “By outsourcing to a professional it allows me to concentrate on other areas of my business and doing what I do best, rather than having to worry about understanding marketing algorithms or Google AdWords platforms.”

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