ecommerce marketing 101

Everything You Need To Know About Ecommerce Marketing

A great Saturday night for some could be dinner and drinks with family or a group of friends.  It could be a last full show movie screening at the mall cinema or a leisurely stroll around the seasonal night market….

Why is marketing so important to a small business?

As a small business owner, you’ve probably worked exceedingly hard to establish your business. You came up with the concept, you did the research, you developed the product or service and you spent many a sleepless night thinking about how…

6 Digital Marketing Tips That Will Help You Boost Your Brand’s Awareness

Brand awareness is an important aspect of marketing in today’s business world. To put simply, if someone doesn’t recognise your brand, then it’s unlikely you will make a sale from them. Building awareness of your brand is also a great…

The Power Of Digital Marketing During Times Of Uncertainty

Digital marketing has always been a powerful tool to have up your sleeve as a business. And just because we’re facing uncertain times it doesn’t mean it’s power is lost. It simply means it might be time to review and…

How to position your business to operate online

As if having your business shut down in a world pandemic wasn’t stressful enough, many business owners are now faced with the daunting task of “going online” in order to maintain operations.  It’s a notion that some may have never…

Why Google My Business Is Important for Any Small Business

“The world searches through Google.” At least, that’s what Google says. And while that might just be a clever marketing tagline, the fact is, it’s true. According to some statistics, 80% of all desktop search traffic is conducted through Google….

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