Top Website Design Trends in 2022


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How much time do you spend browsing the web each day? Are you looking forward to seeing some new trends emerge in the field of website design?

Currently, there are over 1.86 billion websites online. They are becoming increasingly complex and interactive. In addition, they are also being built using new technologies such as responsive design. As a result, we now see websites that look great across multiple devices. 

That said, designers are looking forward to the emergence of new web standards and features. They are excited about how these changes will impact their work.

Here are some of the top website design trends in 2022. It is important that your business stays ahead of the curve so your website can keep those conversions coming with its fresh, creative, and up-to-date interface.

1. Bold, contrasting colours

Colours evoke certain emotions, and it seems like 2022 is a good year for a nostalgic trip. Visuals with bold and contrasting colours, often constituting a fun retro look, are making the rounds this year. 

Given the popular obsession with vibrant and popping hues, expect to see more neon on black, saturated gradients, and acid shapes on a lot of websites. 

Example: Fillet

2. Brutalism/neo-brutalism

The brutalist aesthetic, which was an architectural movement from the 50s-70s, is making its comeback this year — this time, more subdued and less imposing, in the form of neo-brutalism.

Neo-brutalism is characterised by plain backgrounds, asymmetrical layouts, dynamic grids, untreated images, default computer typeface, and overall unapologetic bareness, which is supposed to evoke sentiments of authenticity and rawness. 

Example: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

3. Moving typography

Typography does way more than relay information: it can move the viewer. This year, we are seeing a shift in trend from the standard static text as web designers are taking this notion in a more literal way — by making text move. 

Animation, which is usually reserved for illustrations or UI elements, is now being used on text. Simple animations like circular rotations, dynamic backgrounds, and side-scrolling makes a website’s typography come off fresh and unexpected, delighting its visitors and keeping their attention longer.

Example: Ruya Digital

4. Interactive scrolling

Scrolling is a great opportunity for website designers to make user interaction more engaging and interesting. This year, we are seeing more websites dabbling with interactive scrolling techniques that make for a unique user experience.

Now, users can scroll horizontally, or have certain images move or transition to a different design when they scroll vertically, giving a psychedelic effect. There are also website elements that move and function when triggered with a scroll.

Example: Flux Academy

5. Inclusive design

It is 2022, and we are moving farther away from gender stereotypes. This paradigm shift is also manifesting in a lot of websites this year, as more designers are working towards a more inclusive design — proving that “inclusivity” is not just another buzzword but a strong, sustainable movement.

Elements in the website that used to depict only certain ethnicities and gender-based language or imagery are now replaced with tones and themes that are more gender-neutral and diverse. Gone are the days when pink was exclusively ‘feminine’ and skulls and flames were for the ‘macho’.

Example: Metropolis Magazine

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