5 Effective SEO Tips for Your Brisbane Business


5 Effective SEO Tips for Your Brisbane Business

Brisbane has a population of just over two million people, making it the third most populated city in Australia

With over 134,000 Brisbane businesses (as of 2019-2020) in the marketplace, it is definitely tough competing for online attention in the digital space.

To push your Brisbane business up the visibility chart, you need to incorporate search engine optimisation (SEO) into your marketing strategy.

Why your Brisbane business needs local SEO

Anyone who exists in the digital era turns to search engines to find information. Most people now go to Google to browse for products and services. 

As a Brisbane business owner, you need to take advantage of local SEO so you can boost your presence in search engine results pages (SERPs) and generate more leads. 

According to RedSearch, 46% of Google searches are related to location, which further emphasises the importance of local SEO on your marketing strategy. When you don’t rank high in SERPs for local searches, you lose the opportunity to be visible to millions of online Brisbane residents and potential customers — it would be as if your business doesn’t exist. 

Below are five effective SEO tips to scale and grow your business in Brisbane:

1. Know your audience

First off, you have to build your SEO strategy around your audience. How much you know about them will help you determine what aspects of SEO you can maximise.

To know and target your audience, it would help to answer the following questions:

  • Who are they?
  • What is their age range?
  • Which areas in Brisbane are they located?
  • What do they care about?
  • How do they search for information on Google?
  • What devices do they use to look you up?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What is their household income?
  • What are their buying patterns and behaviours?
  • How much education did they attain? 

2. Have a solid content strategy

“Content is king.” You’ve probably heard this phrase thrown around a lot within the marketing sphere. 

Without content, your website cannot rank in SERPs, and you will not be able to drive traffic to your website. Devising a solid content strategy will help you create valuable experience for people visiting your site and essentially encourage them to buy from you. 

Your content strategy will also do wonders in positioning your business as a thought leader in your industry

3. Use geo-specific keywords to target local SEO

About a third of local searches lead to both online and offline searches, which means a person is more likely to purchase after knowing that a service or product is available nearby.

That is why it pays to know what words or phrases people use to search for products and services that you offer. This data will inform your content strategy and allow you to incorporate relevant keywords in any way into your content so your website can rank higher in SERPs. 

However, it’s not enough to get the keywords right. They also have to be geo-specific so your business has better chances of showing up when people search online for service providers in your area. 

You can include location-specific phrases like “near me”, “South East Queensland”, or “Brisbane”.

4. Build quality backlinks

A backlink is a hypertext link on a website that points to another website. The more websites link to yours, the bigger your chances are in ranking higher in the search results. 

This is because Google will assume that your website is credible by virtue of getting referenced a lot, and will prioritise your website on search results. Think about it this way: backlinking is to Google what reviews are to humans.

Quality backlinks are a crucial factor in determining which websites rank on the top results page on Google search. Invest in building a lot of internal and external links to your website to grow your online presence and credibility.

5. Monitor changes with Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a Google product that can help you monitor the status of your website and check its performance in the SERPs. It is an incredible tool for fixing issues within your website so that Google can keep crawling your pages and update their index of your site.

Not only that: Google Search Consoles also allow you to search queries, measure your site’s traffic, and optimise your website so you can maintain its presence in Google Search results.

Work with the best SEO agency for your Brisbane business

To incorporate SEO into your marketing strategy, it is best to partner up with a trusted digital marketing agency who can analyse and reach your target market, create marketing campaigns, optimise your website, keep tabs on your competitors, and help grow your revenue channels. 

At Campaigns You Love, we plan, deploy, and monitor customised search engine optimisation campaigns to allow your brand to have a cutting-edge over its market rivals.

We improve the SERP results of your website with our tailored, white-hat search engine optimisation services.

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