The Power Of Digital Marketing During Times Of Uncertainty

Digital marketing has always been a powerful tool to have up your sleeve as a business. And just because we’re facing uncertain times it doesn’t mean it’s power is lost.

It simply means it might be time to review and adapt your strategy.

COVID-19 has disrupted our physical patterns and spending habits and there are now more people than ever turning to online. According to Forbes, internet use has grown a staggering 70 per cent this year.

That’s where digital marketing comes in, allowing you to tap into this growth and deliver your digital advertisements straight to peoples’ devices in their own homes.

There’s also the added benefit of fewer businesses spending on advertising, making it possible to achieve a lower Cost Per Click when bidding on search engine marketing and paid social.

That’s why a specialist digital marketing company like Campaigns You Love will keep on top of your campaigns and adapt them to make the most of the current economic situation.

In the meantime, we recommend focusing on two things to start generating leads during the COVID-19 downturn.

1.Focus on quality traffic


Sometimes more traffic isn’t always a good thing. What you want to focus on, is quality traffic.

Some great ways to generate quality traffic is through content marketing such as EDMs, sponsored content, blogs, articles and ongoing SEO.

People that will read this type of content are those looking to purchase similar products or services.

Even if the article only attracts a fraction fo the traffic that mass lead generating sometimes achieves, it’ll lead to many more qualified leads.

And more importantly, at a time when we’re all looking at cutting costs, it’s an investment that will keep delivering.

2. Quality data collection and lead generation

Once you’ve attracted people to your website or specialised landing page, it’s important to collect data of who is visiting.

You can do this through a CRM that can iterate with an online form to capture data and information.

But because people are oftenreluctant to give out their name and email address or even phone number, you’ll want to make sure they have a great incentive to do so.

This could be in the way of a special offer, an information video, a unique guide or a white paper.

Make sure you provide what you say you will so you’ll keep building their trust. Ensuring they receive quality content will help you continue to provide a great experience and build the reputation of your company.

Campaigns You Love only employs experienced copywriters and digital marketers to ensure your content is of the highest quality.

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