8 Tips to Spruce Up Your Marketing Strategy That Won’t Break The Budget

Updating your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many tactics you can use to boost the processes you already have in place, without having to spend thousands of dollars. Because we believe in the power of digital marketing, we’resharing our top tips with you.

.It’s all about the content

Content, content, content. It’s all about the content. Even if writing isn’t your strong point, it’s not too hard to whip up some useful articles that offer some top tips (like this blog), best practices for your industry, industry movements or even some staff Q&A’s.

2.Start social networking

If you’re not already engaging with your audience on social media platforms, please start now. There are now many platforms to choose from, but you don’t have to spread yourself too thin and try to master them all. Pick one or two to dedicate your attention and do those well.

3.Don’t be afraid of infographics

Infographics can be very powerful. Visually they’re great to look at and easy to digest and people love to share them. Think about how many infographics you have seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic! Check out Visual.ly or Canva for some infographic inspiration.

4.Repurpose the old

Just because you wrote an amazing blog one year ago doesn’t make it redundant now. Bring new life to old content by updating the information, changing the image or writing a new headline and post away, again.

5.Create a customer referral program.

Why not offer existing customers a free product, free service or some other reward for referring new customers to you. Word-of-mouth can be a very powerful marketing tool.

6.Host a webinar

Think about something you’re an ‘expert’ in and turn it into a quick online webinar where you can offer your advice to new and existing customers. This is a great lead generator and by creating events on Facebook, it can reach a pretty high number of people with a small budget.

7.Email marketing

ending emails is the perfect way to get new visitors engaged with your products or services, as well as maintain relationships with your existing customers. You could prompt new website visitors to sign up for your newsletter by offering a bonus piece on content, and then start to nurture your subscribers via email until they are ready to become paying customers. Services like MailChimp are free to use.

8.Don’t forget about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often overlooked as a marketing strategy, when in fact it’s one of the only social media platforms that continues to see user growth. It’s a great place to network, but don’t just add ‘connections’ and sign out, join groups, chat to people and share your blog posts.

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