Why Do Some Small Businesses Avoid Content Marketing?

In the world of small business, there are a lot of myths surrounding marketing. From “marketing doesn’t matter” to “every employee is a marketer” and “marketing wastes money”, these myths seem to endure for a number of reasons. Firstly, small business owners often haven’t been provided with an accurate definition of content marketing. Additionally, many small business owners have had prior experience with a form of “content marketing,” which was poorly implemented, expensive and delivered minimal results. So, it’s no wonder some small businesses avoid content marketing!  

But will content marketing be beneficial for a small business? Who can implement a successful marketing strategy? And just how cost-effective is an investment in marketing? 

Myth #1: Marketing doesn’t matter

Marketing, at its core, is about far more than a Google AdWords campaign, a social media presence or participation in an industry trade show. These can all be aspects of a marketing strategy, but standing alone, they don’t equal effective marketing. 

So, what is marketing? Essentially, it’s promoting your business in a way that is strategic, measured, based on evidence and built on strategy. It involves doing research to find out what your ideal customer is looking for and then directing those prospective customers towards your business. It is a well-rounded approach to advertising that fosters trust in your brand, builds on existing customer relationships and that helps your small business to reach a larger audience. As a result, marketing delivers long-term results, including higher conversion rates and greater return-on-investment. 

Myth #2: Every employee is a marketer

Undoubtedly, every employee can (and should) be an ambassador for your small business. But creating an effective and customised marketing strategy is not a job that can be completed by just anyone. To illustrate, if you wanted some electrical work completed in your office, who would you call? Would you ask one of your staff to try and do it themselves? Of course not! You’d get an electrician – they’ve been trained, they have experience and they can safely get the job done. A poorly planned or incorrectly implemented marketing strategy will, at best, be ineffective – at its worst, it could cause serious harm to your brand. 

An experienced marketing team has the industry knowledge, expertise and tools that are necessary for the creation of an effective marketing strategy. They can deliver a multi-level approach to marketing that covers targeted research, back-end analytics, content creation and future planning. The result will be a marketing policy that will benefit your business and that you’ll be able to continuously build on in the years to come. 

Myth #3: Marketing wastes money

Let’s be clear: a haphazard approach to marketing wastes money. If a business randomly throws portions of their advertising budget at various marketing opportunities, then they’re unlikely to see much of a return on their investment. This is why it’s so important to engage with a marketing business that can manage all aspects of content marketing. When you have a professional team handling your marketing strategy, you can be sure that your marketing budget is being carefully allocated so that you can achieve the best possible ROI. This approach will be monitored, adjusted as necessary and backed by analytics. So, you can see exactly how your marketing money is being spent and what kind of results the investment is producing. 

It’s also important to note that, on average, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional forms of advertising. But despite costing less, the results of content marketing are impressive. In recent surveys, 70% of surveyed consumers said that they feel closer to a business after viewing content marketing and 80% of company decision-makers would rather read a series of articles about a business or product than see an advertisement. 

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