Security and Risk Mangement

What we do to minimise risk

We have processes in place to take care of your information and make sure it is secure when it is shared with us. Every member of the team understands the importance of data protection and we are constantly making changes to keep this up to date and your information secure.

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Security Within the Office

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● All disabling of unused USB ports
● Supervisors on floor that monitor staff at all times
● Separate individual lockers for staff to place their personal belongings
● Policy to lock all unattended PC’s when staff not at desk
● Policy that bans phones, recordable devices, paper and writing devices
● No access to printing on site
● Separate locked server room with secure IT infrastructure
● Independent 3rd party (offsite) IT support
● Policies on data management

Risk Management Procedures

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● Legally binding NDA’s
● Risk management framework
● Risk management implementation infrastructure
● Individual staff risk management feedback process flow
● Legally binding employment agreements

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