Marketing Automation

We understand that running a business can be draining emotionally and physically. Therefore, we provide marketing automation services to help you have enough time engaging with tasks which require real brainpower. We will help you take care of numerous services that run your business daily so that you can use your time on other productive matters concerning your business and customers.

We can help you with Automation by using our Marketing Automation CRM (AutoCRM) that is included in our monthly management fees. We have included below some popular automations sections that we build for our clients.

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Re-engage Leads

Since there are leads that are yet to buy your products or hire your services, you are required to track them and market your brand. Such efforts will bring them into your sales funnel thus increasing your ROI.

Capture New Leads

For your business to grow and increase your revenue, you need to capture new leads from other platforms.

Systemize Conversion

To increase your revenue, have a systemic conversion i.e. if you get X number of leads you know you will get Y% conversions/customers and this translates to profit.

Get Referrals

Referrals offer reliable information and if you get strong referrals, your business is bound to do well. Relate well with customers and ensure your products or services are of high quality.

Upsell Customers

You should have regular communication/contact with your customers to get their feedback and opinions. You should also monitor their interaction with your business to better your services.

Simplify Purchasing

You should make the process of buying very easy to help you monitor how your customers are doing and how they engage with your products before and after purchasing.

Long Term Nurture of Prospects and Customers

Automation will help you nurture prospects and customers because sales only happen when sales are ready to buy. Therefore, with automation, you will have enough time to convert leads to sales.

Why Should You Use Automated Marketing Tools?

If you rely on automated marketing tools in your business, you can manage your customer relations with ease, minimize the need for human intervention and reduce the cost of marketing. Additionally, your staff will be free to interact with your customers or analyzing the data produced by our software instead of wasting time doing operations that can be completed by a software or a machine.

If you want to find out more about why you should be using Marketing Automation tool please view our Marketing Tools page.

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