We provide our customers with a team of experts

Campaigns You Love is a digital agency that specialises in Marketing Automation, Paid Advertising, Social Media Management, Web Development and Design.

We become an extension of every business we work with by becoming your outsourced digital team.

How do we manage to be successful?

To deliver reliable results to our clients
we rely on a continuous process which involves:

• Understanding your business problems
• Providing you with a team of experts
• Creating digital solutions to solve your business problems
• Engage with you to the level you want and need
• Deliver measurable results to catapult your business

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Founder and Full Stack Marketer

Cameron Heasman

Cameron is our Sales Director and Full Stack Marketer. Cameron has extensive and valuable experience in Marketing and Digital Development. His aim is to provide his clients with excellent business solutions and drive the spirit of entrepreneurialism to others.

Campaigns Manager

Alex (Alejandro) Basso

Alex has been working in the Digital Marketing field for over 8 years. He always takes care of the Lead Generation campaigns for customers and delivers a 100 point task list check for each client. Alex makes sure the team keeps on top of everything on a daily basis and he also likes Colombian Coffee, a lot!

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Marketing Assistant


Josephine is a specialist in social media marketing, campaign management and customer support She is an all-round Marketing Rockstar!


Rebecca Wilkinson

Rebecca has been using her skills for last 7 years as a copywriter to supply editorial content for numerous businesses. Rebecca takes extreme pride in her abilities as both a copywriter and editor. She doesn't believe that “good enough” is good enough for clients – they expect the best and that is what she strives to deliver, no matter the size or scope of a project.

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Designer & Videographer

Alve Rivels

Alve has over 8 years of Graphic Design and Video Editing experience working with big and small projects. He is always taking time to make sure the project meets the clients needs and fun fact, he rarely takes off his headphones!


Stefanny Beltran

Steff loves all things admin, she loves attention to detail and is a crazy good multitasker. She really works hard keeping our customer projects content up to date. Steff is currently studying a degree in Marketing and looks forward to one day being a project manager.

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We work with companies of all sizes, all around the world

What Our Customers Are Saying

We can't thank them enough because we don't know where we would be without them!

Luke Phillips

CYL’s people are passionate about Technology, Automation and Digital Innovation and know how the corporate sector in Banking, Insurance and Finance tick.

They have created some great solutions for our business and also provide the motivation that keeps us accountable to achieve what we set out to do.

Chris Wilson

We brought Cam into our business as a consultant a few short months ago. He has been developing automation strategies that are transforming our finance operations and taking the manual tasks off my workload. This process is transforming the way we interact and do business with our clients and I can't recommend Cam enough!!!!

Corey Cameron

CYL have been excellent to deal with and we have achieved fantastic results in our marketing and tracking automation. They have been REALLY easy to deal with and have made life so much easier. We have only been using CYL for 1.5 months and have had greater results than we expected and have hardly lifted a finger.

George Samios

I recommend highly Cameron. I’ve used Cameron for the past 10 years for all things digital. Some of the most recent projects was the Madd app. You can expect high customer service. Dealing with someone with passion and overall a good person to work with. Thank you Cameron.

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